Landscape Boulders

Landscape Glass Boulders 

Applications of Glass Boulders 

  • filling gabions (wire baskets), alternative to stones

  • filling gabions in combination with natural stone products

  • feature decoration illuminated from any angle

  • decorative edging for pathways, beds and terraces

  • edging area around houses, alternative to pebbles

  • decorative, sophisticated design element for covering large indoor and outdoor areas 6 inch to 3ft sizes 

  • water features, boulders can be cored

  • Garden features

  • Features of Glass Boulders 

  • high colour intensity compared to natural stone products, even in dry state

  • real coloured glass, completely dyed does not fade

  • weatherproof, rot-proof

  • colour-fast, even in cases of extreme weather conditions

  • virtually no moss or algea growth due to the non-porous surface

  • self-cleaning in rain or when irrigated

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